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《see you again》是美国歌手麦莉赛勒斯(miley cyrus)演唱的一首歌曲.

Boyce Avenue和Bea Miller版本的


如果是日本的,就应该是:仓木麻衣的try again或爱内里菜的i can't stop my love for you

乐队Against The Current(ATC)的主唱

See You Again 女声版演唱:chrissy costanza原唱:麦莉赛勒斯

原版是这首《Never Be The Same Again》 - Melanie C

Miley版歌词Miley Cyrus -See You AgainI got my sights set on youAnd I'm ready to aimI have a heart that will never be tamedI knew you were something specialWhen you spoke my nameNow I can't wait to see you againI've got a way of

歌词” see you again“出自歌曲《see you again》.歌名:《see you again》发行时间:2007年6月26日 歌曲原唱:麦莉赛勒斯 音乐风格:流行 歌曲语言:英语 歌词:I got my sights set on you And I'm ready to aim I have a heart that will

No One Else Like You - Begin AgainIs everything just rightDon't want you thinkingthat I'm in a hurryI won't stay afraidI had this visionthat has got me worried'Cause everyone wants someoneThat's one cliché that's trueExcept you I want no oneUnless


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