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英语翻译:“xx分部” 用英语怎么说?

xx branchshanghai branch of peking university

就用第一个就好了.division做部门讲的时候的英文解释是:a large and important unit or section of an organizationsubsection就没有当分部讲的意思,一般不这么用于部门的,其英文解释是:a part of a section, especially a legal document用

Noxx, xxLane,xxRoad,xxDistrict,xxCity.

as said

branch institute.你说的是某某学院或者研究院的分院吧?是的话可以用这个.

分部:海南省三亚市河东路山水云天3A11室Branch: Room 3A11, Shanshui Yuntian, Hedong Road, Sanya, Hainan, China总部:Headquarters(也可以简写为HQ)

由于XX这个产品缺货Because the XX this product out of stock

After all the companionship they give were too little, and that's what makes you feel lonely. Forgive me that I could not spend time with you to sit in front of the house yard and enjoy sunrise and sunset. We could no longer ramble about funny things

lots of = a lot ofmany+可数 much+不可数more 更多,是many和much的共同比较级 补充回答:都是许多的意思,区别如下例如i have a lot of flowersi have lots of flowersi have many flowersi have a lot of moneyi have lots of moneyi have much moneya lot of/lots of+ 可数或者不可数

Dracula is the granddaddy of all vampires.美国口语:德拉库拉是吸血鬼它爷.Dracula is the original vampire.正规点儿的:德拉库拉是最原本的吸血鬼.



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