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the blue sky stretches as far as eye can see


蔚蓝深海1. Deep blue2. The Deep Blue Sea采纳

everyone has their own future,my future is in the blue sea

The blue sky,the vernal sunshine,the fresh air,the dark blue sea,the golden beach.

: 翻译如下: 蔚蓝 Sky blue或 brilliant blue都可以 例句: 天空一片蔚蓝. The sky shone brilliant blue.

A few Ye Fan Bai, in this Shuitianyise glittering sea, as a few films like white feather, light a long and dynamic drift, a dynamic drift. 2 looks like it quiet, roaring like…… eyes look past the vast open sea, and the final 3:00, the city's narrow, crowded,

如果是简单陈述,上面的够了但是调转一下比较顺口点 the blue brimless ocean 看你像怎么强调了强调一望无际,就把brimless提前,都没关系如果是感叹,可以说 the blue ocean stretched as far as the eye could see

The sea water is the bright incomparable sky-blue, the sodium hyposulfite is steady like spring early morning Xihu is same.Occasionally the breeze, only blew certainly the thin certainly thin thousands of clear small wrinkle, this caused according to


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