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老化的英语翻译 老化用英语怎么说


氙灯老化试验_有道翻译翻译结果:xenon lamp aging testtest英 [test]美 [tst]n. 试验;检验vt. 试验;测试vi. 试验;测试n. (test)人名;(英)特斯特更多释义>>[网络短语]test 测试,测验,检验test drive test drive,test drive,无限狂飙

after aging 老化后

light agingphotoaging[例句]阐述了芳纶的热、光老化降解研究的进展情况.The researches of the thermal and photo degradations of aramid fibers are systematically discussed.皮肤光老化目前缺乏可靠实用的人体模型.There was absent of a reliable and practical human model for research of human skin photoaging yet.

老化 : ageing人口老化: ageing of population

肌肤老化Skin aging例句:它还可以帮助对抗肌肤老化,因为你保持皮肤白皙和没有皱纹.It also helps against aging of skin as you retain the fair complexion as well as your skin does not shrink.

老化实验的英文怎么说 Aging experiment

caducity .ty AHD:[k…-d“s-t, -dy“-] D.J.[k*6du8siti8, -6dju8-] K.K.[k*6dus!ti, -6dju-] n.(名词) The frailty of old age; senility. 老迈,衰老:老年岁人的脆弱;老态龙钟 The quality or state of being perishable; impermanence. 昙花一现:易逝的状态或性质;非永久性

1.serious ageing problem老化现象严重Hong Kong has a serious ageing - population problem. 香港的人口老化问题严重.2. comparatively old老化现象严重Because the facilities are comparatively old, many owners will not bother. 因为发电设备老化

出厂前的老化测pre-delivery aging test如果只需要说老化测试就是aging test


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