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爱谁都不如爱自己翻译成英语是:Love is better than love.

Love as love itself

To love self is more than to love others.

你好.我爱你不如靠自己 翻译成英语是:I love you, not to rely on own.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

I would rather love myself than love you.我宁愿爱自己,也不愿爱你.就是这个意思,最标准

Rather than love the person who loves you, it's better to love the one you love.

It is better to find one who loves you than one who you love.

It is better to live with a person who love you than a person you love.

Thank you for your heartless let me know how love you than love myself

Most loves the human, does not love oneself重点词汇释义自己oneself; of one's own side; closely related; ourself; personally



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